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Top 10 Best Laptops for Students

Best student laptops: what to consider before buying one

Are you looking for the best laptop for students? Making sure you have a powerful tool to get your studying done is an important part of your academic success. Latest Deals is here to help you get the best student laptop you can. We have selected some of the best choices available at the moment and have collected tips and advice on how to choose a student laptop for you.

Best student laptops: what to consider before buying one

First of all, you need to decide how you are going to use your laptop. If you are just going to use it to research and write essays, you can work with a more budget-friendly student laptop, but if your degree requires using heavy types of software, you will need a more powerful student laptop. Also, if you are planning to stream videos or play video games, you probably will need to invest a bit more money.

You also need to define what is more important to you. Do you want more storage? Or do you want more speed? Another important point is taking into consideration your student lifestyle.

You will probably be commuting a lot to and from class and will be in libraries and coffee shops to get extra work done. So you need a laptop that is extremely portable and also that has a long battery life with a quick recharging. Look for a laptop that weighs less than 1.5kg and has a battery life of up to at least 12 hours. 

Does your university have a laptop requirement?

Depending on what type of course you are enrolled in, your university may have a laptop requirement. Make sure you check it first before buying anything. This is even more important if you are studying any type of design course or related to creating digital content.  In some other cases, some universities request Windows-based laptops instead of MacBooks due to software incompatibility issues or technical support limitations.

How to effectively manage remote learning

Nowadays, it’s essential to learn how to effectively manage remote learning. If you are planning to use your laptop for remote learning, you also need to look for: a good webcam,

a headset with a built-in microphone and a good broadband service. We have a full article on student broadband deals.

Student software deals

In some cases, on top of the price of the laptop, you also need to buy a specific software. We recommend looking for student software deals before buying anything. Some universities offer free access to Microsoft Office365, for example. Microsoft gives up to a 10% discount for students. Adobe also offers some deals for design students. You can get all its different types of  software for less than £20 per month.

Google offers document (Google Docs), spreadsheet (Google Sheets), presentation (Google Slides) software for free online.

IMPORTANT NOTE: MacBooks can be more expensive, but they already come with lots of software, so you won’t need to invest in a Microsoft Office365 for example, or a basic video editing software.

Should I buy a Chromebook for school?

Usually, a Chromebook is a cheaper version of a laptop due to the fact that it’s a less powerful machine, but good enough for students that will spend most of their time surfing the web and writing essays. They have a different operating system called Chrome OS which was developed by Google. You can find a Chromebook made by Google or third parties. This type of laptop is perfect for students that already use Google services, such as Google Drive. These laptops are fast because they use Cloud technology. If you are worried about taking a more expensive computer around campus, this could be an option.

Should you buy 2-in-1s for school?

A  2-in-1s is a laptop that can be turned into a tablet and vice-versa. This can be another great option for students that want to save some money as they can be cheaper. If you are someone that is using tablets, this can be great. This is also much smaller and lighter. This can also be an alternative if you are worried about taking a more expensive computer around campus.

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