Distribution rules

Sell your used or new items here. before posting any ads please read our distribution rules.

As a QatarMarket.store User, you agree to use the service in accordance with all applicable laws, morals and public order. 

You agree to make appropriate use of the service and not to use it to carry out illegal or illegal activities, which infringe or divert the rights of a third party, or which infringe any other applicable rule of law.

Tips and best practices for posting an ad:

  • The title of the ad must be clear and precise 
  • The text of the ad must be related to the product or service offered. 
  • The ad must be placed in the category corresponding to the type of good or service 
  • Do not post the same ad several times: delete the ad before reposting it.
  • Indicate a price including tax and offer a fair price to sell as quickly as possible.
  • Ads must include at least one photo or image. The photographs or images must represent the property for sale and must not be used to illustrate several advertisements. It is forbidden to insert photos of recognizable minor children.

Unauthorised contents, products and services on QatarMarket.store

Any advertisement containing elements of text (words, expressions, sentences, etc.) which would appear to be contrary to legal or regulatory provisions, public decency, these distribution rules or likely to disturb or shock readers will be refused by QatarMarket.store without this gives any right to compensation for the benefit of the User. 

Here is a non-exhaustive list of products, goods and services not authorised on QatarMarket.store

  • Any political, sectarian, discriminatory, sexist content o Any content encouraging, glorifying or which could constitute a form of racism, violence, intolerance, xenophobia, or terrorism , or violating human rights and freedoms
  • Any misleading, false, dishonest, fallacious, ambiguous, inaccurate, or any element of which could be misleading 
  • Any pornographic, erotic, fetishist, or sexually explicit content.
  • Any content associated in any way with services for “adults” including sexual services, escort, friendship, massage, companionship services, or related to any sexual interaction or prostitution.
  • Any content associated with a person under the age of 18
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Tobacco, drugs and related objects, dangerous and illicit substances
  • Medicines, treatments and devices sold under medical prescription
  • Cosmetics or beauty products started outside their original packaging. 
  • Slimming products, food supplements or products presented as being miraculous 
  • Products and objects recalled and withdrawn from the sales circuit.
  • All types of illegal products or services 
  • Stolen objects 
  • Counterfeit products 
  • Embargoed products 
  • Dangerous elements that can harm a person’s physical integrity. 
  • Any military object that has not been demilitarised 
  • Electronic surveillance equipment 
  • Uniforms, identity documents, police badges or other security or government services
  • Knives and firearms 
  • Fireworks, destruction devices and explosives 
  • Hacking tools o Blood, body fluids and parts of the human body 
  • Any product or service covered by government regulation.
  • Food stamps or other government assistance. 
  • Call for private or humanitarian financial donations 
  • Actions and other financial products
  • Lottery tickets, participation in sweepstakes and slot machines 
  • Search for a person 
  • Protected plant and animal species , threatened or taken from their natural environment
  • Pesticides 
  • Identity documents, personal accounting registers, personal information, databases in all forms